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Posted on December 27, 2016

At Data-Tech, information security is what we do. Supporting your IT Security drives our business and your network protection is our priority.

We are an expert team of highly dedicated security specialists, supported by strategic and emerging technology partners, who are laser focused on information security for our customers.

Data Tech’s philosophy is to build a long term, customer-focused relationship with you. This allows you to focus on building your business.

It’s a simple formula. When your IT infrastructure is secure, you are free to focus your efforts solely on improving your business. As you grow and experience prosperity, that’s OUR success too. More than an IT security provider, we want to be your Cyber-Threat Prevention Partner.

It’s our goal to become your IT security partner by clearly demonstrating:

Superior Service
Understanding your business

From small local businesses to large global enterprises, we work with hundreds of customers to help solve their security and compliance challenges, enhance resources and support, to help drive their business forward.

Most importantly, when you’re a Data-Tech customer, we commit to you as your partner in information security. Your problems are our problems; we are personally engaged with your project from initiation through completion, and dedicate ourselves to your needs.

Data-Tech will accept nothing less than your complete 100% satisfaction.

Don’t risk the success of your company- leave it to the IT professionals at Data-Tech.

We are Data-Tech

Data-Tech Partnership with Columbia Restaurant Group

Posted on May 23, 2016

Richard Gonzmart Interview 2016 Golf Tournament

21st Annual Cesar Gonzmart Memorial Gourmet Golf Tournament benefits University Of South Florida Latino Scholarship Program And Athletics Foundation. A percentage of the proceeds will benefit the University of South Florida’s Latino Scholarship Fund A percentage of the proceeds also will benefit USF Athletics. Richard Gonzmart interview with long time technology partner, Data-Tech.

“It’s all about partnerships, with our 111 year old family business, its relationships and companies that want to partner with you and help you succeed, and Data-Tech has been that great partner making sure we are operating and staying up to date. We are now in the cloud, it was one of the greatest pieces of advise we were given, the improvements such as the speed, sense of security, less downtime, the reliability, it’s everything one wants in a business.”

The cloud isn’t just a technology fad — companies are moving entire networks into the cloud, and it is now becoming a mainstreamed corporate computing model. The cloud makes good technological sense, but it also makes good business sense. Instead of a huge capital expense outpouring every three to five years for hardware upgrades, you pay monthly for your IT service. This means a more predictable budget and more readily available cash flow.

Read the case study about The Columbia Group moving their network to the cloud

Data Backup and Recovery

Posted on May 23, 2016

Disaster Recovery: The Most Critical Part To Data Backups That Most Companies Overlook – This got me thinking about how important disaster recovery planning is to any business. No one expects terrible things to happen, but when they do, having that plan in place can really save your bacon. And one of the MOST important aspects of this is the recovery part – how are you going to get that data back onto a working platform that allows you to continue serving your customers and operating your business. The shocker for most business owners is that simply having a copy of the data does NOT guarantee a fast recovery.

Backup fast, recover faster. Protect your system and data with recovery software that backs up your organization’s entire IT environment.

Data-Tech and StorageCraft offers backup software and disaster recovery, data protection, and migration solutions for physical, virtual, and hybrid Windows IT environments.
Visit us online at www.DataTechitp.com or call (813) 874-5511 for a Free Consultation.

Cyber Security – How To Avoid An Attack

Posted on March 31, 2016

Cyber Security – How To Avoid An Attack. What is Spyware, phishing, spear phishing and social engineering. How to Protect Your Network From Cyber Attacks. Business must protect themselves against cyber-attacks. No one online is immune to the possibility of a cyber attack.  Find out how to prevent these attacks. … Costly cyber-attacks have become so frequent across industries that cyber-security is top of mind, Cyber security, or information technology security, protects computers, networks, programs & data from unintended or unauthorized access

The Leading Cause of Cyber Attacks in a Business

Posted on March 31, 2016

Protecting Against Cyber Attack

Human error cited as leading contributor to breaches, Small, mid-sized businesses hit by 62% of all cyber attacks

A company’s cyber security is only as strong as its weakest link.

“Employee error” turns out to be the most common reason for a data breach at companies, according to a new cyber security report released Wednesday by the Association of Corporate Counsel. This means the breach occurred as the result of a mistake the employee made, such as accidentally sending an email with sensitive information to someone outside the company.

Internal attacks are one of the biggest threats facing your data and systems – Protecting Against Cyber Attack – No one is immune. Cyber-attacks threaten organizations daily, and if you’re company is not vigilant it may be besieged by any number of IT attacks, costing time, revenue or loss of trust by your stakeholders. Securing and managing this data is critical for any business and is a fiduciary responsibility for CFOs, CEOs and Boards.

Human error accounts for a high percent of the root cause of security breaches, according to a new study from CompTIA, which surveyed individuals from hundreds of companies in the U.S.

Asked about the top examples of human error, 42 percent of those surveyed cited “end user failure to follow policies and procedures,” another 42 percent cited “general carelessness,” 31 percent named “failure to get up to speed on new threats,” 29 percent named “lack of expertise with websites/applications,” and 26 percent cited “IT staff failure to follow policies and procedures.”

50% of all small businesses reported they have been the victim of a cyberattack. The cost of dealing with these attacks has skyrocketed to $20,752.00 per attack, up from $8,699.00 two years ago says the National Small Business Association in its 2014 Year End Economic Report. Understanding the constantly evolving tactics of cyber-criminals can help your team prepare an active security strategy.

Data-Tech, a Dell Premier Partner, provides proactive IT support through Dell’s line of SonicWALL security solutions with a guaranteed critical response time to keep your network secure from common cyber-attacks, such as:

• Bombarding your networks with malware around the clock
• Infecting your networks with different forms of malware
• Finding and compromising your weakest networks

Let Data-Tech’s proven policies, procedures and experienced technical experts assess the vulnerabilities in your system and help you achieve deeper network security. Cyber-criminals are constantly looking for any vulnerability to exploit in order to introduce potentially catastrophic threats into business networks. Now there’s an avenue that they’re actively pursuing, and with good reason: Encryption. – Learn more at the link below

80% of Companies in Danger of Cyber Attack – You won’t believe what the solution is …

Firewall As A Service With Dell SonicWALL

Posted on September 15, 2015

Firewall as a Service with Dell SonicWALL – Data-Tech has partnered with Dell SonicWALL—the leader in advanced network security, secure remote access and data protection—to offer our customers the very best available security on the market in the form of Firewall-as-a-Service. – Dell SonicWALL firewall is a powerful Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliance that enables all of these services. Each appliance bundles all hardware and services needed for comprehensive UTM network protection from a wide range of emerging network threats.

FWaaS stands for “firewall-as-a-service” and includes all the technology required to provide a remote firewall management offering.

5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Use a Managed Firewall Service
Businesses use high speed Internet connections to connect offices, store data, and use cloud computing to manage customer relationships, billing, and office productivity. The more connected your business becomes, the more important it is that the data stored inside its network is protected from those outside your business who steal data for nefarious purposes.

Many small businesses lack a robust firewall that can protect them from these external threats. Instead, they use the on-board firewall on their Windows PC coupled with the minimal protection offered by a residential grade router. Such solutions don’t offer much protection from sophisticated threats, however, so it makes sense to upgrade to a true business class firewall.

Firewalls are your first line of defense against an entire class of network-based threat that is constantly (yes, constantly) attempting to attack your computer. Those threats are stopped cold simply by having a firewall.

The basic concept of a firewall is very simple: it blocks or filters certain types of network traffic from ever reaching your computer.

Organizations that rely on Dell SecureWorks’ Firewall Management service reduce the cost of managing and monitoring firewalls in-house, while supplementing their security efforts with Dell SecureWorks’ proven expertise.

Learn more here – https://www.datatechitp.com/firewall-as-a-service-fwaas/

Fully Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery

Posted on July 17, 2014

Data Backup is one of the most important aspects of Information Technology. The Gartner Group estimates that two out of every five businesses experiencing downtime from a disaster will be out of business in 5 years. Since 1996, we have been developing and perfecting our data backup solutions.

Managed Services Benfits

Posted on July 17, 2014

In today’s competitive environment, you can’t afford to fall behind.  A partnership with Data-Tech backed by our Versa Services programs will solve all of that. When businesses are looking for a managed services provider, they are typically looking to resolve significant pain points and weaknesses in their IT infrastructure. 

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