Data-Tech Partnership with Columbia Restaurant Group

by datatechtv on May 23, 2016

Richard Gonzmart Interview 2016 Golf Tournament

21st Annual Cesar Gonzmart Memorial Gourmet Golf Tournament benefits University Of South Florida Latino Scholarship Program And Athletics Foundation. A percentage of the proceeds will benefit the University of South Florida’s Latino Scholarship Fund A percentage of the proceeds also will benefit USF Athletics. Richard Gonzmart interview with long time technology partner, Data-Tech.

“It’s all about partnerships, with our 111 year old family business, its relationships and companies that want to partner with you and help you succeed, and Data-Tech has been that great partner making sure we are operating and staying up to date. We are now in the cloud, it was one of the greatest pieces of advise we were given, the improvements such as the speed, sense of security, less downtime, the reliability, it’s everything one wants in a business.”

The cloud isn’t just a technology fad — companies are moving entire networks into the cloud, and it is now becoming a mainstreamed corporate computing model. The cloud makes good technological sense, but it also makes good business sense. Instead of a huge capital expense outpouring every three to five years for hardware upgrades, you pay monthly for your IT service. This means a more predictable budget and more readily available cash flow.

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